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Dr. med. Thomas Place

Specialist in general internal medicine FMH 

  • Certificate of proficiency for dose-intensive X-rays

  • Abdominal sonography (SGUM) 

  • Teaching practice for students

  • Teaching practitioner for interns

  • Road traffic surveys level 1 and 2

Dr_Thomas_Place Kopie.jpg

Dr. med. Martin Kaufmann

Specialist in general internal medicine FMH 

  • Certificate of proficiency for dose-intensive X-rays

  • Abdominal sonography (SGUM) 

  • Road traffic surveys level 1 and 2


med. pract. Remon Nasr

Specialist in general internal medicine

Warm welcome

You can discuss your health problems, pressures and concerns with us.


As a family doctor’s office, we offer you comprehensive medical examinations, advice and treatment. As a team, we support you with acute or chronic illness and carry out preventive examinations. We can assist you with many years of experience, technical competence, a modern infrastructure and network with specialists who are well known to us. If a visit to the office is not possible, we also offer home visits.

Patienten Beratung
Hausartztpraxis Albidpraxis

Our range

  • Family doctor care

  • Family doctor emergencies

  • Home visits

  • Travel and vaccination advice

  • Vaccinations (excluding yellow fever vaccinations)

  • «Fahreignungstest Gruppe 1 und 2»

  • Minor surgery

  • Laboratory for blood, urine and stool tests

  • Electrocardiogram [ECG]

  • Ergometry (stress ECG)

  • 24h blood pressure measurements

  • Pulmonary function test

  • Ultrasound examinations

  • X-Rays

  • Practice pharmacy

Labor Albispraxis
Labor Albispraxis


Our in-house laboratory allows medical assessments without delay.


X-rays can also help us with assessment and decision-making.

The digital X-ray system allows us to take pictures with a low level of radiation exposure and to transmit the images directly to the consulting room.

Röntgen Albispraxis
Praxis_Entré Kopie.jpg
Ultraschall Albispraxis


Many questions can be clarified with medical ultrasonic. The examination is painless and stress-free.

Heart curve and stress

ECG – Bicycle

Stresstests with the ergometer allow us to draw conclusions about the perfusion of the heart, the cardio-vascular situation and the physical performance.

EKG Albispraxis

Practice pharmacy

 Drugs prescribed in our practice can be obtained immediately. Drugs that need to be ordered will be available in 24 hours.

You are of course free to pick up your medication from a pharmacy of your choice with a prescription issued by us.

Please check your medication, regardless of whether it was obtained from us or from the pharmacy. You too are making an important contribution to patient safety.

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